my story

This is my journey of how I started to fall in love with jewelry:

My passion begins with the never-ending quest for undiscovered treasures.

Already as a little girl I loved going through my mums jewelry box.  It made me feel like diving deep into a world full of stories. Being on a treasure hunt - I was looking out for pieces my mum had forgotten about.

I was fascinated by gem stones and spend all of my pocket money at the crystal store around the corner. I did even sleep with the crystals under my pillow and got to know my friends the stones better by reading books about them.

When I was a little older, I started to work at a goldsmith in my school summer holidays. There, I learned how to work and respect these beautiful natural materials. I got taught how to forge jewelry pieces and designed and crafted my very first own ring. I also learned how to value crystals, diamonds and precious metals as to categorize the craftwork.

Especially ancient jewelry caught my attention eventually. I love the fact that every gem is already telling his/her/its own story. Those stories are told from all over the world and with collecting, and sharing them with you, I feel like I can give those beautiful pre-loved pieces another meaningful life.

So here I am now - founded solovedbyher to share with you beautiful pre-owned jewels collected with soso much love and care by me. The stories behind these authentic pieces will be preserved and be showed to the world sparkling around your beautiful body. 

As much I love gems, I love mushrooms in all of their forms and sizes. Earlier in life I used to collect them with my mum in the woods, now with my boyfriend and my friends. It did not take long till I collected my really first own crystal mushroom. It was clear from the beginning, that I wanted to share them with you, too. To bring all the love and all the light with them to you.

Since then I am creating more and more ways to share with you my path of the gem love.

All pieces - so loved by me, collected and handcrafted for you. 

I am sending you love and light,